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Warthog nozzles by StoneAge – specialists in high pressure waterblasting tools and equipment. The industry's most powerful & durable sewer tools.

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Warthog WV-1/4 Jetter Nozzle

Model Number: WV-1/4

  • For 2" - 4" Lines with Elbows.
  • For cart and trailer jetters.
  • For small lines with light to moderate blockages.
  • 4 toolhead options to choose from.

The WV-1/4 uses StoneAge's flow-through technology and features a revolutionary high-speed rotatating design with no high pressure seals or bearings to service. It cleans lines as small as 2" with long sweeping elbows. The head design also features permanent, pre-drilled orifices, rather than threaded nozzles.

The tool operates from 2-5k psi and 3-8 gpm. It has a 1/4" NPT pipe thread inlet and if a 1/4" NPT hose fitting is used the tool can pass through long radius elbows in 2" and larger lines. There are no maintenance or overhaul kits due to the low-maintenance design.


Maximum Pressure: 5k psi
Operating Pressure: 2-5k psi
Flow: 3-8 gpm
Flow Rating: 0.8 Cv
Pulling Force: 4-9 lb
Inlet Connection: 1/4 NPT or BSPP
Tool Diameter: 1.3 in.
Length: 2.0 in.
Nozzle Ports: 3 Drilled
Weight Complete: 0.45 lb

Warthog WV-1/4 Nozzle

Warthog WV-1/4 Nozzle

Price $475.00
Free Freight - 48 States

Tool Head Options
Model Front Jet Back Jets Flow Price
# WV-1/4-A 0.024 in. 2 x .052 in. 7 - 8 gpm $475.00
# WV-1/4-B 0.020 in. 2 x .039 in. 5 - 6 gpm $475.00
# WV-1/4-C 0.018 in. 2 x .032 in. 4 - 4.5 gpm $475.00
# WV-1/4-D 0.018 in. 2 x .028 in. 3 - 3.5 gpm $475.00

Warthog WT-3/8 Jetter Nozzle

Model Number: WT-3/8

  • For 3" - 6" Lines with Elbows.
  • Up to 5K psi.
  • Classic Workhorse Model.
  • For cart and trailer jetters.

Our smaller Classic series WARTHOG models can negotiate elbows and clean-outs commonly found in laterals at homes, buildings, restaurants and other light commercial facilities. This tool is most commonly used on small capacity pumps and cart jetters. Also an excellent choice for cutting roots, clearing ice and removing blockages. The WT-3/8-C is designed specifically to handle 3"-6" lines and clean-outs.

Pipes made of cast iron and those that have sand or silt can act as abrasive agents that can aggressively wear out the tool. We've added permanent carbide buttons to the WT-3/8-C to increase head life. Our carbide buttons are available in all offsets and add up to 5 times the life compared to previous WT-3/8 models. It also features replaceable AP2 nozzles.


Maximum Pressure: 5k psi
Operating Pressure: 1500-5kpsi
Rotation Speed: 300-500 rpm
Flow: 5-12 gpm
Flow Rating: 0.75 Cv
Pulling Force: 5-20 lb
Inlet Connection: 3/8 NPT or BSPP
Tool Diameter: 1.9 in.
Length: 3.0 in.
Nozzle Ports: 3 x 1/8 NPT
Weight Complete: 1.2 lb

Warthog WT-3/8 Jetter Nozzle

Warthog WT-3/8 Jetter Nozzle

Price $825.00
Free Freight - 48 States


Warthog WS-1/2 Jetter Nozzle

Model Number: WS-1/2

  • For 4" - 8" Lines with Elbows.
  • Up to 5K psi.
  • 4 Models Available.
  • For trailer jetters.

The WS-1/2 is designed to handle 4"-8" lines and is most commonly used with trailer jetters. It is used to clean lines in restaurants, hospitals, multi-story apartment buildings, residential, and other applications. Easily removes grease, cut roots, ice and soil blockages.

This model allows the inlet hose to bend to the side, shortening the rigid length of the tool and allowing limited access applications to be cleaned much easier. 1/2" NPT or BSPP inlet ports available.

The WS-P8 is excellent for straight pipes. The whip hose is removed, allowing the hose to connect directly to the tool. Available with a female 1/2" NPT or BSPP connection. In this configuration 4" 90º bends are no longer negotiable.


Maximum Pressure: 5k psi
Operating Pressure: 1500-5k psi
Rotation Speed: 200-500 rpm
Flow: 8-20 gpm
Flow Rating: 1.3 Cv
Pulling Force: 9-27 lb
Inlet Connection: 1/2 NPT & BSPP
Tool Diameter: 1.9 in.
Length: 4.4 in.
Nozzle Ports: 3 x 1/8 NPT
Weight Complete: 2.95 lb


Warthog WS-1/2 Jetter Nozzle

Warthog WS-1/2 Jetter Nozzle

WS-1/2-J Jointed Inlet Nozzle

Starting at $1195.00
Free Freight - 48 States

Model Description Application Price
WS-1/2 Whip Hose For 4" 90º Bends $1195.00
WS-P8 Rigid Inlet For Straight Pipes $1250.00
WS-1/2-J Jointed Inlet For Limited Access Applications $1425.00
WS 040-DS Descaling Head Focus on Wall Cleaning $1315.00
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