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There is no place like home, home sweet home, do these slogans sound familiar?
Everyone imagines the perfect house for them, but what they never imagine is how dirty those houses can become. Homes are built of many different materials, from brick to vinyl siding, but what every your home is made of you can always count on a pressure washer to bring back that pristine look you saw in the past. For a home exterior you will want a pressure adjustable light to medium duty gas pressure washer.

For vinyl or wood siding you won’t need as much pressure as most other building materials may require. Between 1000 and 2000 PSI is adequate. For stucco 1500-2500 PSI is great. You will want to be cautious of loose, cracked, or hollow spots in your stucco, as these problem areas cannot handle a high pressure. Other products such as synthetic or artistic building materials will come with a manufactures recommendation for pressure cleaning. For brick it is recommended by most manufactures to use between 500-1200PSI. Bricks can be easily damaged with too much pressure. For driveways you may want to try Surface Cleaners.

When pressure washing your home try our 513 general house wash. It will clean just about all dirt and debris on nearly all surfaces. Never use bleach or acid products through the chemical injector, or any part of your pressure washer, these chemicals should be applied with an external pump up bug sprayer. Before you start to pressure washer your house make sure all windows are shut, and note any problem areas that may not be able to handle a high pressure stream before you find them with the pressure washer. Never pressure wash windows, not only can you break them, you may even void the manufacturer warranty.

Begin by connecting your pressure washer to the appropriate water supply, and then turn on your pressure washer. Standing six feet from the surface, using your 25° Spray tip, pull the trigger and walk towards the surface until you reach your desired effect. For pressure washing high areas never use a ladder, as the pressure can knock you off balance causing severe injury. For reaching high areas you can use an extension wand or a telescoping wand both of which can have multiple purposes, from assisting in gutter cleaning to rinsing second story windows at low pressure. Be sure to read all directions before using any chemical to make sure that they won’t harm your landscaping, paint or other surfaces.

Pressure Washing Tips Overview

  • 0° Spray Tip – RED - This tip is not recommended for wood applications, its
    stream of water is to narrow and concentrated. This tip would be ideal for concrete, and metal.
  • 15° Spray Tip – YELLOW - This tip is a heavy duty cleaning or stripping tip. You
    can use this tip for cleaning concrete, loose paint, and driveways.
  • 25° Spray Tip – GREEN - This tip is for general washing purposes. You will find yourself using this tip for your deck, siding, and your car.
  • 40° Spray Tip – WHITE - This tip has the least amount of impact. The white tip is great for rinsing, cleaning out your gutters, and other sensitive jobs.

NOTICE: Amazing Machinery and/or the author of any listed instructions on this website are in no way and/or can not be held responsible for any damage and/or injury to any person, pressure washer, or property being pressure washed by anyone attempting to perform the recommendations contained herein. Always read the product manual and use your pressure washer in a safe manner.

If you were not able to find the answer you were looking for in this section call Amazing Machinery at 1-800-504-7435 to speak with one of our experienced pressure washing staff members.

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