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Your gas station will see hundreds of vehicles on a daily basis and all of this traffic will age your station in a hurry. Keeping the gas station clean will keep your customers happy and returning frequently. Most people would rather spend a few more cents for a gallon of gas rather than standing in puddles of oil, dumped out coffee, and chewing gum. A hot water pressure washer will make cleaning your gas station effortless. For getting deep down stains and removing old gum try a turbo nozzle to get the most impact factor with the widest fan possible from your machine.

Gas stations are also great clients for any pressure washing companies. You can clean 2-3 stations a day and still be able to go home at a decent hour. Using the right equipment is key to your success. If you choose too small of a machine the jobs will take too long and your service won’t be profitable. Keep in mind all pressure washers do the exact same thing the only reason for a larger machine is to do the same job quicker.

Here are a few things you may encounter at a gas station:
• Chewing gum
• Gas spills
• Oil spills
• Coffee and soda stains
• Rubber from tires
• Mud from traffic

Start by clearing the area of cars, and anything else that may get in your way. If the station is open you only want to close one of pumps at a time and stay a safe working distance from customers and vehicles. You can pretreat oil stained areas with our 532 concrete cleaner, being sure to follow all directions. The most effective spray tip will be your 15° tip giving you a good impact. Connect your machine to the appropriate water supply and then turn your machine on. If you plan to wash the store building and canopy do that work first. You will only want to use between 2000-3000 psi depending on the type of building material used. Once you have finished the building start pressure washing around the pumps, you may use a lower pressure on the base of the pumps as needed. On metal type buildings our 516 non-spotting rinse will really work wonders and make the building shine.Using overlapping strokes continue by pressure washing the areas under the canopy outward, pushing away the dirty water as you go. A surface cleaner will greatly reduce the amount of time pressure washing the pad of the gas station. Heavily stained areas may require more time than others depending on the amount of dirt. Rinse everything thoroughly one last time.

Pressure Washing Tips Overview

  • 0° Spray Tip – RED - This tip is not recommended for wood applications, its
    stream of water is to narrow and concentrated. This tip would be ideal for concrete, and metal.
  • 15° Spray Tip – YELLOW - This tip is a heavy duty cleaning or stripping tip. You
    can use this tip for cleaning concrete, loose paint, and driveways.
  • 25° Spray Tip – GREEN - This tip is for general washing purposes. You will find yourself using this tip for your deck, siding, and your car.
  • 40° Spray Tip – WHITE - This tip has the least amount of impact. The white tip is great for rinsing, cleaning out your gutters, and other sensitive jobs.

NOTICE: Amazing Machinery and/or the author of any listed instructions on this website are in no way and/or can not be held responsible for any damage and/or injury to any person, pressure washer, or property being pressure washed by anyone attempting to perform the recommendations contained herein. Always read the product manual and use your pressure washer in a safe manner.

If you were not able to find the answer you were looking for in this section call Amazing Machinery at 1-800-504-7435 to speak with one of our experienced pressure washing staff members.

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