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Rubber, dirt, and oil are all enemies of your driveway. The entrance way of your home should be as inviting as your home itself. As you drive you will collect all sorts of unmentionable road debris, depositing it onto your driveway. Your kids may play here and you will certainly track this scum right into your home. Instead of spending hours with a broom and hose try a commercial quality pressure washer. Our 13HP Honda pressure washer could easily save you hours of unnecessary scrubbing and your back. Using a chemical can also reduce the amount of time you spend caring for your driveway.

Concrete driveways will require the most PSI with a recommended minimum off 2400 PSI. Your water volume GPM is also an important factor; this is what carries the loose dirt away. Keep in mind a larger machine with more PSI and GPM will significantly shorten you cleaning time. Asphalt and other driveway surfaces may require less pressure than concrete. You may want test you power in an inconspicuous area prior to completing your entire driveway.

Start by removing cars, toys, and anything else that may get in your way. You can pretreat oil stained areas with our 532 concrete cleaner, being sure to follow all directions. The most effective spray tip will be your 15° tip giving you a good impact. Connect your machine to the appropriate water supply and then turn your machine on. Start pressure washing at the highest point of your drive way, which will usually be next to your house or garage, this will allow dirty water
to flow away from you house. Using overlapping strokes continue down your drive way until you have removed those years of build up. Certain areas may require more time than others depending on the amount of buildup. Give your driveway a final rinse and allow to dry 24-48 hours before applying any sealers or paint.

Pressure Washing Tips Overview

  • 0° Spray Tip – RED - This tip is not recommended for wood applications, its
    stream of water is to narrow and concentrated. This tip would be ideal for concrete, and metal.
  • 15° Spray Tip – YELLOW - This tip is a heavy duty cleaning or stripping tip. You
    can use this tip for cleaning concrete, loose paint, and driveways.
  • 25° Spray Tip – GREEN - This tip is for general washing purposes. You will find yourself using this tip for your deck, siding, and your car.
  • 40° Spray Tip – WHITE - This tip has the least amount of impact. The white tip is great for rinsing, cleaning out your gutters, and other sensitive jobs.

NOTICE: Amazing Machinery and/or the author of any listed instructions on this website are in no way and/or can not be held responsible for any damage and/or injury to any person, pressure washer, or property being pressure washed by anyone attempting to perform the recommendations contained herein. Always read the product manual and use your pressure washer in a safe manner.

If you were not able to find the answer you were looking for in this section call Amazing Machinery at 1-800-504-7435 to speak with one of our experienced pressure washing staff members.

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